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About Us


My name is Audrey Walker, I am from a very small town in Eastern Oregon. I started Audrey's Anvil at just 17 years old. I started making metal stamped jewelry as a hobby when COVID-19 first started, and we were forced to do online school at home. I quickly discovered a deep passion I never knew I had. 

Before I completed high school, I had already begun my business and knew I wanted to make it my career. I found a small school all the way in Auburn CA! I moved down there in September of 2022 and spent three months doing Metal Arts Academy's Apprenticeship Program. I earned my apprenticeship certification and moved back to Oregon. All while doing online college classes working towards getting my business degree. I'm so happy I was able to find a passion and make it my career! I'm beyond thankful for all of my customers and their support!!

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